Monday, 28 May 2012

archipel accolade

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preview here

i've been spending lots of time with the entire EP since last week's scene catchup, and i'll more than likely pick something here for my Smokers Delight selection late in the year..

Montreal duo The Gulf Stream earns a place of choice on Archipel by sculpting a highly emotional, yet cinematographic piece of art with an EP titled "Micro-Shima." Playing multiple times at MUTEK and featuring in well known local festival, the duo also have gain a lot of experience in producing evolutive atmospheric music that takes the listener with tension and beauty. In the self titled "The Gulf Stream", they showcase a part of their soul with touching melodies and a wonderful use of the sonic palette. Dissolving Coffee machine is probably a chant to what most music producer affectionnates the most: caffeine. It is deep and warm, open and spacious. It certainly is a complementary song for the early morning. InnerSpace closes the effort with force and power, yet emotional and calm at the same time.

i collect everything on the Archipel imprint based out of Canada, owned and managed by the Pheek.