Sunday, 13 May 2012

breakbeat picks

+ Abdomen_Burst_feat_Yavanndiel-Solar_Eclipse-SLRS064-WEB-2012-TraX

decent enough progressive dub and original.. vocal work could have been better i think.. we've had better from him previously and i collect all Abdomen Burst's works.. previous releases from this breakbeat artist have appeared on Rune, Silk Digital, Scarcity, Morphosis and Silk Sofa amongst other labels.

+ A_Mase-Emotions_and_Dreams-(DSUK028)-WEB-2011-MPX // 2012-05-06 at 06:50

decent melodic progressive breaks from another Russian artist A-Mase who's previously concentrated on progressive house productions.

+ Achron-The_Door-(ESHOT019)-WEB-2011-MPX // 2012-05-06 at 00:17

not too keen on the first two tracks (expected more from Mesmer here), but very happy with the Retroid remix where his interpretation develops much better momentum and employs a tasty acid line to keep you engaged. Mesmer is from Romania, and is owner of Scarcity Records; Retroid is from Hungary and is owner of Morphosis Records (i collect the entire label which flaunts a lot of excellent progressive breaks).

+ Freethinker_Funk_Essence-Summertime-(TMDG092)-WEB-2012-MPX

all-round very decent latin funk breaks release that i'll be enjoying for a good while.

+ The_Brainkiller-Lola-(DSTR039)-WEB-2012-MPX

i'm enjoying the whole thing, and there's some interesting use of vocal samples from the immortally respectable Erykah Badu contained on track 3 here.

+ Leuce_Rhythms-Power_Blaster-(FPRR22)-WEB-2012-MPX

first release this year from Future Perfect Records.. and it's mainly track 1 that i've been spending time with here.

+ STEX-Over-(NRGSTXOVR)-WEB-2011-MPX // 2012-05-06 at 19:55

all-round excellent funky breaks album from Young NRG Productions that i'll be enjoying for many years to come. some nice oldskool flavour chopped up in some of the tracks on this one too.

+ JPOD-Halfsteppin-(SWS006)-WEB-2012-MPX

and finally, i haven't been able to spend much time with this album as yet, but i've taken a keen interest in JPOD The Beat Chef since his appearance on last year's remix album from Thunderball.. and i'll be following all of this artist's work for breakbeat fusion styles.